PHARMAPROGRESS believes the best way to work in a very competitive and specialized environment is collaboration. For this reason PHARMAPROGRESS try alwas to go further the classical relationship client/service provider evolving to a partening collaboration. We want to be considered as an external department of our clients creating a climate of trust and confidence.


% Sales Growth

We are constantly growing at 2 digits percentage thanks to the implementation of new services and new capabilities


% Returning Clients

We are proud to have a very high index of returning clients counted in a yearly basis. In a longer period the percentage raises up to 90%.


% Quotations Approved

We have a high ratio of quotations approved, which gives us a test of our consistent offer in terms of quality and fair prices


% New Clients

The percentage of clients is increasing year after year, mainly due to our efforts in internationalization



Associazione Farmaceutici Industria Società Scientifica