PHARMAPROGRESS is located in a stand-alone building of 700 m2 in Camerata Picena, Ancona (Marche region). The analytical activities performed by the Company are intended for pharmaceutical active ingredients and pharmaceutical dosage forms. Two main laboratories are available:

  • Bioanalysis
  • Physical-chemical analysis

The facilities are equipped with the ultimate instrumentation. There are different and separated rooms for weighting, sample preparation and processing, small laboratory equipment and analytical insturmentation.

Regione Marche


PHARMAPROGRESS facility is placed in Camerata Picena, a small town about 15 kilometers far from Ancona, the chief town of Marche Region. It is well connected to the highway and to the Marche Airport, which are 5 minutes driving from the lab. Pharmaprogress is located in a small industrial area, well integrated into the territory. Some other pharma companies are also located in the region or nearby.



General Facilities

General Facilities

PHARMAPROGRESS headquarter is also in the same building; offices, archive, meeting room, training room, cafeteria and other general facilities are available. Quality Assurance and General Management functions are also located in the same structure. The building is provided with all required utilities such as data room for servers, emergency power generator, technical gases box and emergency systems.

Climatic chamber

Sample Storage

PHARMAPROGRESS has an area for sample storage monitored for temperature below 25ºC. It also has climatic chambers set to different ICH conditions: 25ºC/60%RH, 30ºC/65%RH, 40ºC/75%RH. Storage at refrigerated conditions at 5ºC is also available. For biological samples, Pharmaprogress is equipped with freezers at -20ºC and ultrafreezers at -80ºC. All systems are monitored 24h per day, 7 days per week.


Analytical Development Laboratory

PHARMAPROGRESS has a full equipped laboratory for development and validation of analytical methods for raw materials, APIs, intermediate products and finished products, including stress testing and stability indicating methods. Other supportive analytical activities linked to production as cleaning validation or process validation are also performed in this lab.


Bioanalysis Laboratory

PHARMAPROGRESS has a bioanalytical laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology such as instruments HPLC Agilent 1260 Infinity connected to MS detector Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole, which are able to reveal concentrations of the order of picograms/milliliter of the analyte. The Company has experience working in bioequivalence projects of products with very low LOQ, such nasal sprays or samples containing different metabolites.