In 2017 PHARMAPROGRESS has done important investments in new laboratory instruments and in building refurbishment. Between many others, new electric installation, including a power generator and UPS system, and data network have been built.


In November 2016 PHARMAPROGRESS Srl was acquired by the company KYMOS PHARMA SERVICES, SL, a Spanish CRO based in Barcelona, becoming part of the KYMOS GROUP. The Italian branch kept its own brand and laboratories and the whole existing human team.

Foto team Pharmaprogress


In 2010 the Company begun to perform bioanalysis, thanks to being previously admitted to perform the bioanalytical part of bioequivalence trials of medicinal products according to Italian D.M. March 19th 1998 (Authorization Prot. N. 95873 released by ASUR of Ancona, November 24th 2009). Since May 25th 2016, Pharmaprogress is also self-certified as a Phase I Structure (laboratory) According to the AIFA Determination n. 809/2015.


PHARMAPROGRESS was GMP approved for chemical and physical testing by Italian Agency of Medicinal Products (AIFA) on January 2009.
The last authorization is n. aM-119/2016 of July 22nd, 2016, relating the following tests on Human Medicinal Products:
1.6.3 GMP Quality Control chemical and physical Tests  
1.6.3 GMP Quality Control chemical and physical Tests on Investigational Medicinal Products. 

Certificado GMP parziale Pharmaprogress


PHARMAPROGRESS begun to provide services to third parties as CRO in 2001, despite the legal entity was previously founded in 1999. A fit-to-purpose laboratory of 700 m2 was built in Camerata Picena, near Ancona and it was GLP approved by Italian Health Authorities. The Company was founded by a former manager of an Italian pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaprogress, old team staff members